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Fuck valentines day -.-

I am mad for him , i am crazy in love . My friends think i'm not wright in the head . He's nothing special but for me he's everything in the whole wide world ! When love is not madness, it is not love , they say . I have loved to the point of madness;That which is called madness,That which to me,Is the only sensible way to love. Sadness flies away on the wings of time. Love is always creative, fear always destructive. And what happens when you bring the two together ?! When you hit the bottom of life and the sky of love !? It's like God's agains me .. If you could hear me i would say that our finger prints don't fade from the lives we've touched . I am pretty , but i know i'm not beutifull . I know i sin , but i'm not the devil . I am good , but i'm not an angel ... Does everything with me have to be perfect ? You used to really love me for who i am , and now you deleted me out of your life like when rain washes away the street pains . You listen to what people say about me .. But damn .. People can say whatever they want about me , but at the end of the day , i'm still going to be me & I am still going to be living my God damn life . Why do you think that if people say that i am different , i am really different ? But than comes the question why do people say that if it is not true ?! Well .. Because i'm happy ! Nothing drives people crazier than seeing someone have a good fucking life . You're my everything and don't let people ruin that ! You're my dream and i dedicate my self into you . But dedication takes a lifetime while dreams only last for a night ! I don't wanna finish this night . I don't want to wake up from you .. Because in my heart i think that you're still gonna come ... Every morning you have two choices - continue your sleep with dreaming , or wake up and chase your dreams - THE CHOICE IS YOURS ! I want to be the girl that changed everything ! The girl that made a difference , the girl that gave you a story to tell. This is what i learned from love : When you do love , don't give everything , because at the end they'll leave you with nothing ! After a while you learn that you don't need anyone else to survive ! No one else is always going to be there no matter what they promise you . You just gotta suck it up and accept it ! LIFE IS FULL OF FAKE PEOPLE ! YES ! BUT BEFORE YOU START TO JUDGE THEM , MAKE SURE YOU'RE NOT ONE OF THEM ! If you judge people you don't have time to love them .. But no matter , i still love you . And still thank you for making me laugh when i almost forgotten how to . Don't worry .. I'll be fine .. JUST NOT TODAY :S


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15/02/2011 15:12