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Fuck all the motherfuckers in the world that make you screw your life for SHIT !

Behind the spaces of my crazy dreams i feel all the motherfuckers in this world dancing and having fun while our hearts break . While we cry and sorrow because of them they go off with their motherfucking sluts and girls that are worst than pieces of shit ! They stand with their high heels on our fragile souls and dance to the ritham of our pain , to the point that we totally break !Yeah i loved him but now i realise that he is just a nother fucking boy in a whole row of boys that brake hearts just like the animals they are ! First they sweet talk you , tell you they love you , MAKE you love them even if you don't want to fall in love . They tell you that they will forever be there for you , and then .. They just toss your heart in the trash and keep on going with their fucking heads up for you while you get stuck in the trash looking for the one organ that fucking means to you . The fucking organ that makes us suffer . I was in the trash looking for my heart just like all the thousand of broken hearted girls , but unlike them i realised that if i find my heart again , it will be back in the same place the next time i fall in love , and get heart broken . SO I LEFT IT THERE , I LEFT IT IN THE TRASH AND NOW I'M A HARDCORE MOTHERFUCKER ! I DON'T CARE ABOUT LOVE AND I TELL YOU - IT FEELS GREAT ! :D

Evil Production Zero
06/03/2011 19:10