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'cause you're the boss ;)

We create our fate every day we live. If we let ourselves wait for destiny to do it's work, and do nothing about our lives we are surely not going to get anywhere. Destiny is for the people who are too afraid of doing something. Those people are afraid to stand up for themselves, stand up for the things they think are right. They just know how to sit around and wait for things to happen instead of making them happen. Those people are afraid of the world, of goin OUT THERE, of doing SOMETHING that others will remember you by. Something that others are going to talk about with admiration even when one day you are gone from this world, there's something that you'll leave behind, and you're not going to be just another forgotten name.  The people who are just another piece of the crowd are the people who don't know to follow their dreams. Why ? Because there is always somebody or something standing in our way to happiness and to achieveing our goals. But then you must destroy obstacles - you can't let anyone be the boss, and you can't let anyone stand in your way of being happy.  YOU must be the boss. It's always known that a person will admire and respect somebody stronger , he will be a flatterer and a minion to him,  but treat the others who are weaker than him like dirt , like garbage.. That is the cind of behaviour that does not suit a respectful man or woman. If you want to become a PERSON , someone worthy , you must treat all people equal - those who are weaker have respect for them ; to those that are stronger act like they're not, treat them with words full of self-confidence and soon they will treat you like that too and no longer will you be weaker than them. Don't ever let somebody knock you out, or even shake the ground beneath your feet. You let your self know that you're the boss and nobody has the rigth to treat you any less than what you deserve :)


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04/08/2011 01:10