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Words I never said. :)

- The new song of Lupe Fiasco ft. Skylar Grey produces by Alex Da Kid ( Eminem, Rihanna, Paramore) and the British hitmaker hinted to MTV. Words I never said.

Got the album after seeing the video. In less than 6 minutes , he's touching up on so many issues, and literally everything in the video has a meaning so do not overlook anything and go, do some research. 2 things that most people are most likely overlooking even though they are right in their faces: 1) FLAGS. Pay attention to them - why are Tunisian and Egyptian flags up there ? Because the dictators of both Egypt and Tunisia were/are puppets put in charge by the American goverment ( this is why the middle east rightfully hates the US) , and that's why their people finally toppled those dictators because those people naturally want a president that will work for them and for their country but of course, American media did not tell us the real reason why those 2 nations people resolved so in the video, Lupe is showing the real reason why they evolved. 2)POLICE STATE - In the video, Lupe is showing that the US is, now, a police state where police can take you away and lock you up for speaking the things that the goverment doesn't like, and there is nothing you can do about it. What happens to Lupe in the video happens to people everyday but media doesn't talk about it because media is owned and controlled by the goverment so you go on and live your life with the delusion that you and your fellow citizens are free when the reality is far from it ... None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsley believe they are free. In addition, the people who sit behind those flags in the video represent the governments of those nations so Lupe is not dissing americans, egyptians, tunisians or the brits by putting their flags up. He's trying to illustrate that the governments of those nations actually work together behing closed doors. Those governments don't care about their people or what happens to their country; they only care about how they can make themselves richer and more powerful so it's the american, egyptian, british, etc public that suffer at the hands of the international elite. There are more flags that should be uo there but America, England and Israel are the main ones. Type in 'Secret Societies 1 of 7 Conspiracy Theory Jesse Vantura' in youtube to learn a thing or two. By the way, these are not conspiracy theories but ARE FACTS but people have to go by the title of 'conspiracy theory' not to get in trouble with the goverment.

Evil Production Zero
08/08/2011 15:18